Please take a moment to check these issues, as the answer to your question is likely already in here - nearly 80 % of all tickets opened are due to the issues described in this guide.

1. If your issue occurred while you are installing or just after you installed the theme, please refer to the guide: Common Installation Issues.


2. Check if you have plugins active that did not come with the theme


If you are using additional plugins that did not come with the theme it is possible that one of them is interfering with the theme. Unfortunately it is impossible to predict what will happen when unknown code is place into ThemeMove themes, so it is always important, if you are experiencing problems, to disable all of the plugins that did not come with the theme to see if they are at fault. If indeed the issue is a plugin you can enable each plugin one by one to find the culprit.


If you have an issue, please deactivate all the plugins that don't come with the theme prior to posting a ticket. The plugins have to remain deactivated while the support staff is investigating the issue.


3. Check if you have made any customizations to the theme

Make sure customizations you've made are not the cause of the problem. By customizations we mean changes of the theme's files in a child theme or the custom CSS... You should try to remove your custom codes to see if the problem is from them.


If you have an issue, remove any custom code prior to posting a ticket. 

4. Check for the Common theme, plugins or WordPress update issues and Error Warnings.